How to Buy アスガル騎士団’s “ROBF”

・What is it?
ROBF is an Ero Doujin battle game created by アスガル騎士団 (Asgar Kishidan).

・Where can I buy it?
On DMM (Membership Required).
on DLSite (No Membership Required).

The creator of ROBF is working to make his games available on more English platforms. He’s also looking to set up a Bitcoin tip jar for those who prefer cryptocurrency. This information will be added when available.

・I already downloaded this for free. Why the hell should I pay this guy?
The Long Version:

TL;DR: Recently, copies of ROBF started getting passed around on 8chan, causing the creator to go on a fruitless DMCA takedown spree. Attitudes towards software and the internet being very different between Japan and the West (for various reasons) this lead to misunderstanding, and hostility.

After we reached out and explained the benefits of treating foreign users as potential customers instead of pirates, he agreed to take steps to make his work easier to access for overseas fans. If the positive steps made by Asgar Kishidan are met with increased sales, it would set a positive precedent that would encourage more Doujin artists to open up to their overseas fandoms. Also, if you enjoyed the game, wouldn’t you rather he felt motivated to make more, and to cater more towards you as an audience?

・The DLSite download page is all in Japanese, how the fuck am I supposed to figure this shit out?
The creator of ROBF is working on registering his game with DLSite’s English portal. In the meantime, however, the Japanese sales page is the only one that works.

Follow this step-by-step guide:

1: Go to the DLSite link and click on カートに入れる (Add to Cart)

2: Click on the Cart Icon on the top.

3: Click on クレジットカード (Credit Card). Other payment options such as Conbini Pay and Webmoney are Japan-only.

4: Enter an e-mail address (and again to confirm). Temporary e-mail services like GuerillaMail should work fine. This was successfully tested with GuerillaMail. Then click on 取扱いに同意して確認ページへ (Agree and go to confirmation page).

5: Click on テストメール通信 (transmit test mail) to confirm your e-mail address, and check your inbox to make sure it worked.

6: You should see テストメール通信完了しました (test mail transmission complete). Now click 外部決済へ (to external payment).

7: You will be redirected to an external payment portal ( Online prepaid credit cards should work, as well as regular credit cards. This has been tested with a Japanese VPreca prepaid credit card.

Enter your card number, expiry date, cardholder name, and CVV, then click 次へ (next).

8: Confirm the information and click 注文確定 (settle order).

9: You’re done. If you feel so inclined, click ダウンロード to download the official Japanese version.

Thanks for supporting improved relations between Japanese Doujin creators and overseas fans.



調査すれば、サイエントロジーの中心に汚職と犯罪を発見します。 批判の声を抑えこむため彼らは私立探偵を雇って、サイエントロジーを非難する人々の個人情報を収集する。

我々は2008年から、平和的にそして法的にサイエントロジーに抗議してつづきました。 でも、マスコミによって悪いハッカーとして汚名を着せられたことにもかかわらず、我々アノニマスは反社会集団ではありません。このことを示すため、そして公共の福祉のために、4月29日に我々は新宿でサイエントロジーとの全く関係ない街路掃除活動を行いました。

我々はゴミを拾って、ささやかに街の浄化に役立ちました。でも拾えないゴミがまだまだ新宿に残ってしまいます。 カルトの被害者を助けるため、我々はオンラインでサイエントロジーについての真実を広めつづきます。その情報を読んで、自分の目で検証して下さい。我々と同じ結論に達するだろう。サイエントロジーは危険なカルト団体である。メンバーを脅して金を巻き上げるためだけに存在します。

我々に加わってサイエントロジーへメッセージを送りましょう: もううんざりだ。


アノニマス OpACS:新宿、4月29日

アノニマス OpACS
feat. やや日刊カルト新聞
日時: 2017年4月29日(土)、15時
場所: 東京、新宿駅、アルタ前
必要な物: ガイフォークス仮面、手袋、ゴミ袋