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[ このポストは「けものフレンズ」の「たつき監督の件」について。この件が知らない方は先ずこの記事を読んで下さい:

This post is related to the “Director Tatsuki” incident from the Kemono Friends anime. Those not familiar with the events should read this first:
http://sgcafe.com/2017/09/kadokawa-faces-internetbacklash-kemono-friends-director-gets-apparently-fired/ ]

以下の声明はTwitterユーザー @Ryo_koumei_m から。 我々はこの声明に賛成しますので、広範囲に広めるために英語に訳して、ここにポストしました。オリジナルはここに読めます:

The following statement is from Twitter user @Ryo_koumei_m. Because we agree with this statement, we have translated it into English and posted it here to help spread it as widely as possible. The original can be found here:

* * *

Last night I was outraged, but now that I’ve had a night to calm down, there are a some questions I’d like to make clear.

疑問点1 けものフレンズプロジェクトAは(株)ヤオヨロズによる作品の私物化があったと指摘しているがそれは具体的に何を指しているのか。
Question 1. “Kemono Friends Project A” pointed out that some of their work had been appropriated by Studio Yaoyorozu, but what specifically are they referring to?

疑問点2 (株)ヤオヨロズによるガイドライン違反があったのか。仮にあれば具体的に何を指すのか。
Question 2. Did Studio Yaoyorozu violate any guidelines? If so, what specific violations can you point to?

疑問点3 吉崎観音氏による「終わった後も自由に作っていいですよ」という発言。ここで言う“自由”の範疇。
Question 3. Regarding Mr. Mine Yoshizaki’s words, “After’s it’s finished, you’re free to keep making [Kemono Friends]”. What manner of “freedom” did he grant?*
*(on Apr.4 2017, Concept Designer Mine Yoshizaki made a Twitter post referring to him giving Director Tatsuki permission to keep working on Kemono Friends material)
*(see https://twitter.com/i/web/status/912715440324874240 and https://imgur.com/Mmb76of )

疑問点4 情報共有や連絡がないままでの作品利用というのが仮に「ばすてき」だった場合、何故KFPAは動画の公開を差し止めていないのか。
Question 4. If we assume the “use of work without information sharing or contact” is referring to “Basuteki” (Ep 12.1), why isn’t Kemono Friends Project A (KFPA) blocking the posting or promotion of the video?

疑問点5 情報共有の申し入れとは具体的にどのようなものであったか。それはいつの話なのか。
Question 5. What exactly was the “request for information sharing”? When was that in reference to?

疑問点6 それが情報共有のみの申し入れであったのか。
Question 6. Was that request only for information sharing?

疑問点7 (株)ヤオヨロズが「その条件では受けられない」と主張したとされる「その条件」とはどのような条件を指すのか。
Question 7. When it was claimed Studio Yaoyorozu said “we cannot accept under those conditions”, exactly what conditions did that refer to?

疑問点8 KFPAの「(ヤオヨロズによる)辞退」とたつき氏の「カドカワさん方面よりのお達し」という主張の食い違いが起きているのは何故か。
Question 8. Why is there such a discrepancy between KFPA’s claim of Studio Yaoyorozu “declining” and Director Tatsuki’s claim of “being ordered by Kadokawa”?*
*(with regards to Director Tatsuki and Studio Yaoyorozu no longer working on Kemono Friends Season 2)

Of coure I’ve always had a good feeling from the idea of “Animals First” put forward by the project. Put in the present situation, that report [from Kadokawa] appears more like a cover for the oppression of Studio Yaoyorozu, who were in charge of the animation production. I’d think “Animals First” would be impossible from people who would disdain the feelings of others.

It is simply a matter of fact that many people, including myself, don’t have the heart to cheer for the project, no matter how much we like it, under the bad atmosphere created by the management side of things. Humans are animals with a relatively good memory, after all.

今後の展開、様々な場面で今回の事を思わず想起してしまうのがヒトという生き物だろう。表面的には楽しくとも今までの様に心の底から楽しくなれるだろうか。「たーのしー」気持ちは作り手の情熱と、それを支える Pや企業による盤石の安心感の中にこそあったはずだ。
It’s only human for people to think back to this affair at various points in future developments of this project. It may be fun on the surface, but will it truly be fun from the bottom of our hearts? It feels as though the feeling of “tanoshii” came from the passion of the creators, built on a foundation of security that came from the support of the producers and the companies involved.

In order to resolve the questions listed above, I think we should ask those questions to the various stakeholders of the project.

Those who can send e-mails should send e-mails. Those who can phone in should phone in. Even letter mail or fax is okay. This should be our path to creating a better future. We’ve learned by now that by coming together as individuals, we can be stronger than despair. And we know who to thank for teaching us that.

Finally, I’d like to note the one negative outcome that I personally feel most concerned about. That’s the collapse of this miracle-like bond between Mine Yoshizaki, Director Tatsuki, Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP’s members, and all of us fans, created thanks to Kemono Friends.

I want to stop that at all costs. If you feel the same way that I do, then I hope you’ll join your strength together with mine.

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