Disconnectの作者によるあとがき / A Word from the Author of Disconnect




It’s hard to believe we”ve been working on “Disconnect” for at least 6 years. But finally, we’re nearing the end, and reaching the long awaited conclusion of Sara”s story.

Over that time, “Disconnect” evolved quite a bit, and became longer than we originally anticipated. It was originally supposed to focus a lot more on Sara, and explore the insidious ways the cult of Scientology lures victims and disconnects them from their families and friends. However, we quickly realized that the story would be too tragic and depressing. This is why Angela received more attention, and her efforts to find and rescue her friend, her adventures with the Chanology group, and her re-igniting romantic interest with her highschool crush all became such significant parts of the story. Angela’s happier adventures helped balance out the tragic and sad developments Sara faced.

With the upcoming 4th book, we bring the stories of both girls to a conclusion, and we hope you will find the ending satisfying.

It’s been a lot of hard work, drawing this manga in almost every bit of free time I had, while trying to keep up with my job, professional obligations, social obligations, housekeeping, family… Drawing late into the night, for no pay whatsoever, but persevering with the hope that this story might help someone, educate someone, and hopefully prevent them from making the horrible mistake that Sara and John did in the first chapter… Who knows, maybe there’s also a chance this book might help someone already ensnared by Scientology to find strength and courage to escape the cult?

As the author, I have conflicting feelings about finishing this story. There’s a part of me that”s very happy and relieved. But another part of me feels sad, and will miss drawing it, and telling more and more of Sara’s and Angela’s stories. As a matter of fact, I think I will return to Disconnect once more, after a break. There”s a short flashback story I would like to tell, the story of how Sara and Angie met and became friends, a story that would explain their background a bit better, and explain why their friendship is so important to them. Friendship strong enough to break the cult’s chains.

I don’t think I have enough time to add this flashback to book 4, with so little time left until Comiket, but I will certainly add it when we re-compile the four chapters of Disconnect into a single, definitive story.

But, that’s a plan for later. For now, we hope you will enjoy the final chapter of Disconnect, at Summer Comiket 2017! Hope to see you there!



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